innovative thinking

visual storytelling

video and photo

creative interpretation


building confidence

crossing borders

international community

sharing interpretations


global citizens

caring voices

embracing differences

open communication


The Small World Project is an international media-arts workshop series that gives students the opportunity to creatively share their world.

Our workshops are hands-on experiences that challenge students to adopt creative, global mindsets, using video making, critique, and collaboration to connect with students around the world.

To inquire about Summer 2011 workshops in Hong Kong, please contact us! If you're a student, an artist, a school/class or organization, we'd love to hear from you.


Every workshop is customized to deliver:

Local & International Collaborations
Live interactions, global inspirations, locally relevant.

Media Arts
Creative and technical media training in sound (soundtrack, composition) and video arts. Local and international presentations of our work.

Media Literacy
Exposure to what's out there... learning to think about the media we consume in new ways. Who makes it? Why? How can we participate?

from the latest workshop

Design for Dreaming, 2009
July 2009, Hong Kong
May 2009, California, USA
August 2008, Hong Kong
July 2008, Hong Kong

Coming Soon: Hong Kong Aug/Sept 2009